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I'm in no way claiming it to be brilliant, but I've had an idea about how to approach this quite annoying issue. While pressing 100x space during the dialogues works, it still IS pretty annoying, and more often than not you "happen" to click some option different than what you originally intended. While the difference may mostly be minor (being rude/polite/..), sometimes it isn't.

The whole space-clicking-madness in FPs is really not optimal, and IMHO it's the worst about repeating Flashpoints, Heroics and Dailies.

My idea was to have the game record our dialogue choices of all Flashpoints/Heroics and Dailies (esp. Ilum). The only thing needed after that would be an option, in the menu or at the beginning of a FP/Dialogue, to repeat our last choices.

Thus, with a single click, your whole FP dialogue is set and exactly how you'd like it best, and nothing stands in the way of the gameplay.

While there are more important matters the "click-click-click-click-click" during dialogues is really something that should be adressed at some point in the future.

Clarification: What I'm suggesting ONLY applies to Flashpoints/Heroics/Dailies that people have already done ONCE.

Thanks for listening.
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