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01.17.2012 , 03:37 AM | #5
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Is crafted level 49 gear enough to do Hard Mode flashpoints?

I know theres a sticky but it doesnt say anything about using crafted gear for starting hard mode stuff!

So! Is it possible to do hard mode flashpoints using entirely purple crafted gear? Is it possible to do them in blue crafted gear?

400 Armomech.

I can tell you that (aside from a belt and wrists which are hard to get in a moddable version) you are far better off doing the dailies to fill out a full moddable suit w/ epic mods than to try to use the lvl 49 crafted purples.

lvl 49 blues are certainly out of the question for hardmodes, but, they work to keep you alive in Ilum to do the dailies...