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01.17.2012 , 02:26 AM | #14
Instead of zoming out max for the pylons in the end phase do it like me.
As soon as you have seen a pylon coming zoom into first person view and run to it then look straight up while you run right under it and over to the other side (with the boss following you because you tauntet him) This is making it super easy to get into the right position and to see where the beam will hit.

Oh and when the pylon comes, say pylon and have you sage/sorc shield you because you will prolly get hit by it 50% of the time. Just live with it, you should be able to take it or you need better gear.

Then zoom out to max again so you can watch for a new pylon and ligthing balls.

(alittle show off, 20k hps now weee)