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01.17.2012 , 01:57 AM | #6
The whole method of choosing normal and hard mode is @#$@# retarded, and its no wonder there are constantly people asking how to do it, wondering why it isn't working, trying to figure out which quests to get and which quests to abandon..

seriously, who the hell thought up this system and thought it was a good idea? What the what is wrong with just having the leader toggle NORMAL/HARD by right clicking himself? You know, like every SANE game does?

Want to do BP hardmode?
First you need the intro quest (level 30 something and grey to you!) which is on some random @#$$ bot in the fleet.
Then you gotta travel to the other ship and talk to the moff.
That automatically gives you the [Group] boarding party for normal mode.
Then you have to ABANDON that quest, but NOT abandon the intro quest that led you to it.
THEN you can get boarding party on hard mode quest.

What a ridiculous crock. Same thing applies to Directive 7. So dumb.