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Ahahah how cute he thinks his normal experience is relevant. Try hard mode, cutiepie.

The fight is absolute ******** without being able to see accurately where the stupid pylon stops. It travels to one of six predetermined points, but since you can't see that stupid thing unless you squeeze the camera all the way to the ground, and you have no depth perception on a monitor, it really does not help very much. And you have to position Soa underneath, too, not just yourself.

It's dumb as hell. You can barely catch the pylon at max camera distance looking straight down on yourself and only if you happen to be just underneath it.

yeah, because the pylons look totally different on hardmode!

sorry, its the ONE the ONE THING in all the raidbosses where the tank has something hard to do, and what happens? you guys complain about it like little babys.

if you cant handle it, let others tank it who can controll the camera better then you guys.
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