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I'm a Scoundrel and can confirm this issue. I don't really get how a mob can see me in stealth 30+ meters away while the rest of my group is standing 20 meters from a mob.

Yeah I get the fact it's meant to stop stealth classes from sneaking past everything in a FP, but at least reduce the range of the stealth detection to that of a normal body pull.

I'm not able to use my opener on bosses and as a Scoundrel, I have to run for 20 meters after the tank has pulled before I can start dpsing as I don't have a gap-closer. Quite annoying.

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In which FP is this happening? Never seen it as a tank.

Pretty much all bosses in FP's, some Gold Droids and various (very small number) elites have a "stealth detection". They put a red-symbol on top of the stealthed person, then take them out of stealth and immediately put the whole group in combat.

If you've ever had a situation where you thought someone had ninja-pulled, they probably did literally "ninja-pull".