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01.16.2012 , 11:26 PM | #357
+1 for me,

+2 for each of my roommates standing behind me who both play a jedi and are jabbering in my ear about this issue as I type.

Artwork is not the issue. I have been modding games for years now, I have created the 3d "wire-frame" or mesh to the final texturing, to complete mods which I have published on the nexus. The mesh is the hardest part of this issue. As it has been clearly discussed and shown, the meshes and textures already exist. Once that is done, inserting new items into a game can be done in minutes. I have modded Oblivion, FO3, FONV, DA, DA2 and now Skyrim. I know that it only takes a few clicks to make something active in a game. There is a reason they have removed or shut off the existing armors that clearly were there during beta. It would be nice to know why.

On another yet related note... if your a purist like me, it is perfectly acceptable to use a trooper chest piece. Obi-Won wears trooper armor all the way through the Clone Wars series, so that validates the "Lore" aspect of it to me for RP purposes. Just a FYI, I soooo dislike the huge backpack most of the trooper armor has, so far I have found two without the backpack or so small it looks more part of the equipment and not distracting. One can be found on Tatooine from the Heavy Armor Vendor... white with yellow for around 12K. Not a fan of yellow... so I kept seaching... I found one that looks great off the GTN. Army green, battle scared, no backpack: TT-15A Powertech Body Armor. Fully mod-able.

As a synthweaver, I have search and search for schems that have no hood. The only one I have found is: Aspiring Knight's Vest. Fully mod-able and not too bad looking, however as I have seen mentioned before it IS Medium armor. I however use this when soloing, when rigged with the best mods available to me, I only take a 100 AC hit over the fully modded Trooper armor I use when doing flashpoints.

Just saying.... and that's my two cents worth.