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Ok ok ok as much as i love fighting because the struggle of humanity is a personal enjoyment of mine. This is idiotic from both of you, not trying to hurt peoples feelings or anything but just stop (or do it over live chat and invite me because i would love to see this). Fighting gives you both and both of your guilds a bad image and we don't want that do we?

So Ntk thank you for the video because it was very helpful even though i am not 50 and my guild is still building for end game. Artacks please don't come in and say that they may be doing the fight wrong, your guild hasn't downed him yet so from a viewer stand point it makes your comments look less eligible for strategies...

Now I love what your guilds and you guys are doing for the community because i am focusing more on raids in this MMO than PvP like i have in others in the past. So lets all pool our knowledge and experience together and be a constructive community.

That is all... <3
I completely agree, and Nerf Dialogue will no longer be responding to Artacks because we believe nothing productive occurs from doing so.

We want to do our best to promote cooperation and understanding among the community, and our goals as a guild are to progress and contribute to the community in a positive manner. On behalf of the guild, I apologize for exchanges such as the aforementioned one, and Nerf Dialogue as a guild will be taking precautions so they do not occur in the future.

Nerf Dialogue wishes you luck with your guild and your future raids.
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