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Here are the dark side choices to make.

Lt Sylas:
This is my welcome?
You're very lucky...
Third Option does not matter

Why should I?
Well, aren't you ugly?
#3 does not matter
NOT I'll do that

Imperial Lietenant:
For your sake, stand aside!
I'll move.

NR-02/Captain Orzik (Bridge):
We need to aid the wounded.
Very Admirable.
lets put this beind us
#4 does not matter

NR-02/Lt Sylas
im talented
You honor me master.
All I want is one man.
You're still talking?
Prepared to be amazed!

NR-02 & Brukarra:
Reinforcements are pointless.
Quiet, machine!

Door & Padawan Yadira Ban:
You're nothing.
Can't we talk?

The General: (This conversation has no gains, just possible losses)
NOT I could kill you.
NOT You served the sith.
#3 does not matter.
#4 LS vs DS option - Vette will lose affection for the DS one.

#1 does not matter

NR-02/GM Kilran
thats an understatement
that's horrible
dosen't matter
it was sadly violent
make sure i get credit