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Quote: Originally Posted by Niclamus View Post
You follow us religiously. The easiest example of that was when Jaxon hit level 50, you instantly posted stating you did it first. We then checked and you were still in the 40s, not even close.
Yeah you're delusional. This conversation is over. Clearly you guys are still holding a giant grudge about god knows what, and are now re-writing history for the purpose of... well, I'm not even sure to tell you the truth. I neither cared, nor knew what people in your guild hit 50, because again, I was too busy leveling and not following you around like you have OPW for the last 8 months. I never claimed to be world first 50. All I did was post the time that I hit 50. Again, making a character on my server to "check my level"? Its borderline stalkerish. I understand you guys are upset, but really? Do you not see the obsession here? I try to ignore it but you guys keep bringing up how crazy you are!

I haven't watched your stream since beta, sorry man. I didn't downrate your youtube videos. Someone probably realized how bad they were and did it themselves. I suggest fixing the quality of your product, and stop flattering yourself. I could care less about your guilds crappy strats that aren't even the easiest route of completion.

As far as misinformation goes, its not. I understand you failed to include that in your strat, or didn't know about it and are embarrased, but it works. Whether or not its bugged for you, who knows. We're here to help build the community, not troll it every time someone has a different opinion than us. I suggest you learn to do the same, or this game you think you are so good at will quickly disappear as fast as it emerged.