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You follow us religiously. The easiest example of that was when Jaxon hit level 50, you instantly posted stating you did it first. We then checked and you were still in the 40s, not even close.

We started working on Soa HM, you then posted stating you killed it not only before us - but before AoD. However you could never provide any proof of it and your own guildmates came out stating you guys hadn't even got to Soa in Hardmode yet, also that you posted that without their knowledge. This isn't an issue of us following you, but rather you following us and then making up lies to the community. The only content you have proof of clearing is Pylons Nightmare.

I am not a part of the people that left your group, and I really didn't care about what happened between you and them until it affected me directly by your downvoting my videos on YouTube. Obviously you are going to deny it, but it was pretty clear that it was you since only moments before you were watching my stream. Then all of a sudden every video I had uploaded, videos showing the guild you follow so closely doing content you haven't been able to, were downvoted.

I still really don't care about your actions as MOST of them did not affect me, however I am genuinely trying to help the community and you are being very counterproductive in that by spreading misinformation. Please go elsewhere to do that.

EDIT: Nice, your news posts I referenced in my original long posts have disappeared off your website. Including your proof of killing pylons on Nightmare.
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