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I had a long post here responding to yours, however I have decided that it really isn't worth the time to argue with you about this. Anyone who knows the encounter can tell that... well.. you don't by the fact that you mentioned an enrage timer.

I understand your need to feel relevant in the endgame scene in this game, and your inability to complete content with your current guild leaves you no choice but to come to the forums and tell stories. However, please do it outside of my threads.

I also can understand that you are probably upset that the guild that was founded mostly by people who left your guild because they couldn't stand your personality is doing so much better than yours. Once again, not my problem as I wasn't part of that group, leave it out of my threads.

If you truly want to help contribute to the endgame scene in this game the first thing you need to do is find a way to motivate your current guild and complete the content. Only then will you have the knowledge to help others do the same. As you have not done this, please stop trying to mislead people as there are people who post on these forums looking for actual help to complete encounters.
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