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These bugs in the Hardmodes are really starting to frustrate me and my Guild. A few days back we were in The Boarding party. We were on the last boss and we had killed the Engineer and the Boss but the medic enraged and wiped us. So we release and find we can't get in as kill him as the boss guy counts as finishing the flashpoint so you are no longer able to enter the flashpoint any more, so we lost our chance to finish the boss and get out loot. Now tonight we were in Directive 7. We cleared the flashpoint after a horrible amount of wipes on the Bulwark boss with his nasty enrage timer. But we persevered and made it to the last boss Mentor. Now we kill all the power cores etc and the Mentors grid comes down so we can kill him but no he is still shielded and so we die. We go back in to find that now all the extra damage that comes in the last phase is now happening from the start. So we wipe again and run back in this time nothing happens but the claw comes out. No turrets nothing it wont even start. So we all exit run back and the same things happens again which leave us no choice but to reset the stupid flashpoint. Honestly I love this game but I'm sick of doing all my daily's so I have enough money to repair during Hardmode for the flashpoint to just bug out and ruin it for us. Sorry for the wall of text but I'm just so frustrated right now with the state of these flashpoints.
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