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01.16.2012 , 05:33 PM | #1
Tonight the EU guild downed Bonethrasher 16Man Hardmode Pre-Nerf.

Not possible? Too much dmg? Too much RNG? No, No and YES.

Here is the Kill and Provescreen Link:

As a side note on the same night they did kill SOA Hardmode 16man with only 2 Tanks.
(the loot was quiet dissapointing with only 1 mainhand for agents, some mods and no rakata chest piece at all...)

Itīs the 2nd Worldfirst from eolithix, the first was Gharj 16Man on Nightmare mode 6hours before the US guilds downed him on january the 4th.

Tomorrow in Patch 1.1 with the fixed Nightmare Mode of SOA and the 4 new Bosses in KP they will start over again - this time u can expect some nice inGame footage too.
Apparently it looks like the Guild BRB Bowflexing killed him 1 day earlier as we did, so it is a World #2nd Kill. Apologies for claiming the Worldfirst but we couldnīt find the information since the tracking is only possible with swtor, google, youtube etc.. some user linked us a VOD on from their Kill. Next time we will double check also all streaming portals.

And maybe BioWare will add an armory soon or a better codex with a timestamp for 8/16 hm/nightmare kills etc..