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Sorry if someone has made this thread already...couldn't find it.

Also I apologize in advance to all the nerds (especially the red-text writing one who builds his own light sabres - which is ok by me)...the following force-using groups might not fit into the timeline without some creative license...


How about the Fallanassi (white current users)?

Aing-Tii Monks?

Witches of Dathomiir?

Sorcerors of Tund?

Grey Jedi, with mixtures of light/dark skills?

WHAT ABOUT NON-FORCE USING GROUPS...Wookies anyone? Hutts? Droids?

Anyhow, please let's speculate. That **** is fun.
I agree with the Witches of Dathomiir as well as Dark Jedis would be cool, they could make it a night ac or something where if your dark side points are high enough you could chose to become sith or a Dark Jedi who uses the Dark Side but does not accept the sith.

They should also make a class that primarily uses electrostafs/ viroblades cause there are a lot of them weapons kicking around but the are not really significant at the moment.