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Saw a similar thread in the Trooper forum for Blaster Rifles, and figured a Blaster Pistol one would be great here.

Any Blaster Pistol looks you love? Please post them here, I'll try to keep up a list. Or if you have corrections.

A-212 Projection-X Blaster Voss Commendations (14)

A-300 Sonic Needler

Ace in the Hole rakata offhand from vendor bought with token dropped by Gharj

B-20 Field Survivor Blaster

B-405 Rancor-X Pistol reward for finishing the Bonus Series of quests on Tatooine

Black Talon Pulse-Wave Blaster bought with Coruscant commendations from vendor

C-30 Renegade Blaster Voss Commendations (14)

C-202 Pulse-Wave Blaster Tatooine Specialty Goods Vendor.

C-300 Spec Ops Interceptor Commedation Vendor Belsavis according to Torhead.

C-305 Military Shrieker Balmorra Republic Comm Vendor, Taris Empire Comm Vendor according to Torhead

C-400 Spec Ops Saboteur unknown

Cademimu Spec Ops Blaster Pistol drops from General Ortol Cademimu Flash Point

Champion PvP off hand PvP Vendor

Chrome-Plated Killer SOA in Eternity Vault

Clan Varad Scoundrel's Blaster Pistol Drops off the last boss (Mavrix Varad) of the Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint.

Colicoid Fusion Needler

Coil-Cell Needler Shown on the left, from the Advanced Training selection quest.

Crossfire Cara's Little Helper
Acquired via Unassembled Columi Offhand Weapon Token which drops from last boss in Battle of Ilum Hard Mode.

Custom-built Blaster Pistol and Again Crafted

D-60 Sonic Enforcer and other side D-60 Sonic Enforcer Voss Commendations (14)

D-200 Military Enforcer and World drop according to Torhead

D-406 Marksman Interceptor Balmorra Comms Republic, Taris Comms Empire.

DTB-27 Bolt Pistol a quest reward from Blizz for Bounty Hunters

E-10 Galactic Blaster and the other side E-10 Galactic Blaster

E-52 Galactic Shrieker Champions during the Stasis Generator Heroic 4 Daily quest on Belsavis and again E-52 Galactic Shrieker furthest away

Elegant Modified Blaster Pistol looks like this Crafted

Elite Marksman Saboteur Quest: Hit 'Em Where They Live

Field Survival Enforcer

Flashy Given by Corso

Hammer precision Holdout Hammerstation

Heavy Repeating Interceptor daily [Heroic 4] Hit 'Em Where They Live" on Balmorra

Hammer Outrunner's Blaster Pistol

Hylo Visz's Sidearm

K-53 Rotary Disruptor PvP weapons vendor at fleet main hand only

K-313 Riot Needler

Kneecapper Tionese vendor or acquired as a drop, can't remember for sure but want to say it was from Kilran in Maelstrom Prison Hard Mode.

Manhunter's Blaster Quest: Advanced Training: Bounty Hunter

M-305 Rancor-X Enforcer Tri-Tech Needler has the same graphic, and again and again M-305 Rancor-X Enforcer Balmorra Comms Republic, Taris Comms Empire

M-300 Elite Stealth Interceptor right side

M-500 Elite Stealth Enforcer Balmorra Comms Republic, Taris Comms Empire

Marksman Saboteur

N-110 Power Blaster on the left shares graphic with X-11 Huntsman Pistol, and again N-110 Power Blaster and

N-106 Spec Ops Enforcer off hand only from Nar Shaddaa Commendations

N-311 Heavy Shrieker Corellian Comms, offhand only

N-315 elite marksman Interceptor Coruscant and Dromunnd Kaas with commendations

Nova Interceptor May be empire only.

Outrunner's D-88 Blaster Pistol Coruscant Specialty Goods, Dromand Kaas Specialty Goods.

Particle Beam Disruptor Hoth Area 4+ reward

Quickshot main hand - drop from Karagga's Palace

R-105 Huntsman's Disruptor Balmorra Comms Republic, Taris Comms Empire. Aim Barrel slotted to start with.

Repeating Blaster and reward for Enemies of the Republic heroic mission on Coruscant, And Project Hexapod Balmorra Empire.

Rocksteady Crafted by an Armstech ?

S-110 Particle Beam Interceptor The Mandalorian Terror Republic Balmorra, empire version also available unknown loc

Sparkles and again Sparkles from Corso.

Taung Blaster Mainhand from tionese crystals

Tral-Tech Interceptor unknown

Tral-tech Needler Specialty goods unknown planet according to Torhead (Anyone?)

Tral-tech Sonic Blaster and tral-tech needler
Second image: and Taral V flashpoint

Second image: Gift from Corso.

Two-Finger's Revenge Closest is the Two-Fingers, made by Armstech.

Vehemence Heavy Sonic Shrieker

Voss Holdout Sidearm reward for the Cyber Mercenaries heroic mission in the Voss Bonus Series

WESTAR-18 Bolt Pistol Gift Corso

X-11 Huntsman Pistol on the left, and againX-11 Huntsman Pistol

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