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Im playing Mmo's for over 10 years now and i never had a so called "threat meter" if u as a damage class can't handle your class go and play something else or learn how to manage your damage..
Just out of curiosity, how do you "handle" your class in the absence of information?

Do you use some advanced mob mind-reading techniques that the rest of us aren't aware of?

The example you gave with the 4 crits in a row is utterly irrelevant because threat isn't a one-sided deal. Even if you assume that you're generating too much aggro, you don't have any information about how much threat the tank is generating at the same time. Your assumption could well be wrong, in which case you could be gimping your DPS for no good reason. When all DPS do this consistently, you have a better chance of not beating the enrage timer.

Also, I'm curious how you expect healers to know who is about to pull aggro. We can't see your numbers without a damage or threat meter, so how exactly are we supposed to know whom to pre-HoT or bubble just in case? People can generally survive one swipe from the boss before the tank taunts back, and their chances increase when the healer is prepared.

For someone who advocates using your brain, you don't seem to use yours much.