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Close, the pylons cannot actually be targeted, nor is the ball's target while it is still spawning the actual target it goes after 93.75% of the time.

Once the ball starts moving you can see whos target it actually is. The ball does (slowly) mirror movement of it's target so it is pretty easy to see who it is going after. Having "tanks" soak damage on 16man is the easiest way to do it. It is also the most common way among guilds who have killed the boss of doing it also.

8man there is no need to have people taunt the balls.

Make sure people are running directly through the center of the ball to detonate it and take as little of the AOE damage as possible.
Then you are experiencing something we have not yet. Its quite possible to target the pylon while a ball is spawning inside (sorry if I confused you), and its also accurate. On only one occasion the ball wasn't targetting who it was supposed to be, and that was because that target died as the ball was spawning.

I think you may be confused with something else. Or you are doing something wrong. Who knows with all the bugs.