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01.16.2012 , 04:00 PM | #19
I had no idea what had happened.

Level 50 group just flagged me for PvP, a level 40 playing alone. I hadn't seen it before so I didn't realize that I could even turn it off. Did they 'trick' me by me fighting back, or if I had been fast and typed in /PvP would it have turned off before they could kill me?

When I looked it up on the online help, it says that you stay flagged for 5 minutes after switching it off. I healed and typed in /pvp and it says I turned it on, which I don't get, I am flagged, but it isn't on?

I typed it in again to turn the flag 'off' and I guess I have to wait my 5 minutes, after I waste my quick travel to get to a Catina? Is there a quicker way to turn this off?

I think I know one of their names, or close. Should I report them?

Not amused. PvE should be PvE. I have no interest in playing PvP.