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01.16.2012 , 03:13 PM | #1
I'm going to be in the vocal minority here, but I'm happy with how the grouping(or lack of grouping)system stands. Community is made on needs and not desires.

You want a regular endless source of group members?

That's what a guild is for. No good ones? Start one. I did and I haven't pugged a Flashpoint since. And no, they aren't veterans or close friends. We learn together, teach each other, have some laughs and play for fun.

The WoW style LFG tool destroyed the remaining idea of community in that MMO. SWTOR is a breath of fresh air BECAUSE of it's community limitations. You have to build ties, meet friend, talk to people, be charming, learn about generosity, etc.

Hitting a button and getting a group leads to individual army-of-one mentalities and ******s left and right.

We need each other, and my request is the there never is an LFG tool. Otherwise I fear we will again forget that feeling and give up our community for lazy grinds and meaningless progression.