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12.14.2011 , 09:57 AM | #1
So I sent a support email asking as to why I haven't been allowed into the Early Access even tough my Pre-Order is in Order, My Code was entered 2 months ago into the system here and looking at my account info it says all is in order but I am not able to log in doe to "Inactive Account", I made it very clear on the email that I checked Forums and it was stated here that all Early Access Emails have been sent, the support crew that answered my ticket simply answer d back saying Early Access Vary and that I need to wait for my email so I had to check the forums here for when all emails have been sent, this after I already explained in my prior email that I already checked forums and it has been said that the Emails are all sent.

This is not the first time, during the Beta I had another experience similar to this, as if the Support Crew simply reads the Subject line and doesn't bother to read the rest and give a Copy and Paste Response, it is really irritating and I am still sitting here unable to log in and my Early Access for Pre-Ordering being Wasted.

Perhaps I should just cancel my Pre-Order and forget about the game or wait for a price drop as it seems the only advantage to Pre-Ordering is no advantage at all.