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First of all, yes they should push the taunts for our tanks. But i could jump out of a window if i read posts likes this where damage proffesions asks for Threat meters.

Im playing Mmo's for over 10 years now and i never had a so called "threat meter" if u as a damage class can't handle your class go and play something else or learn how to manage your damage.. that sounds hard but it is the truth.. if u see 4 skills in a row crit like hell (thats the part were you should activate your brain btw.) you might stop use your highest damage skill for a bit using white hits and/or something that doesnt do max damage so your tank has the chance to hold aggro. Thats tricky i know cause if u do that u have to think while playing not just looking at a bar that as soon as it blinks or goes red or whatever threat meter do to show you that you will get aggro soon. I could continue with examples for ages, but i guess its enough with my bad english for now.


PS: You might think now what a ****er were is this constructive if it comes to Threat meters...its not but if u cant handle your class and if u have your brain deactivated you start asking for programs thinking for you, its like letting a bot playing for you the only difference is that u have to click yourself on the tracer missile skill
Much to learn you still have..
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