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01.16.2012 , 02:03 PM | #9
I have tanked this a few times now and I've noticed when I have to move out of the purple I have to move literally 1 step away from the edge of the purple and I'm fine. I've been hit by it once. The only repeat offender complain I have is from Jedi Knights who use Master Strike. If they are mid-animation and the purple circle comes up they swear up and down the animation causes them to be immobile temporarily even if they're hard pressing their mouse keys down to move. Another thing is I find healers seem to prioritize finishing a long cast heal over moving thinking they can just live through it and heal up immediately after. This just causes problems. Unless you have a sucky tank they're not going down quick in this fight. There are many times when the boss just is doing nothing and our health will barely move. This is so much the case there have a been a couple times where he enraged and I was able to finish him off because it took him another 5 secs to get around to giving me the beatdown.