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I just saw the movie, I can definatly say he didn't it was all in self defense, remember Smugglers are light side, they would never do something underhanded like shoot first.
You need to watch the original; Han says "I'll bet you have" and just blasts him. Greedo never even begins to think about shooting until he is dead. It's kind of a play off of this scene:

Anyway, my favorite characters in the series have to be Luke, Vader and the Emperor; my favorite scenes are when they are all together at the end of RotJ. I love Luke in Jedi because of how different he feels from New Hope; he's gone from a farmboy unconcerned with the galaxy to a very confident and powerful warrior, and there are a lot of unspoken emotions/thoughts going on in the Emperors room.

Other than that, I have a soft spot for Wedge