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Tionese is not meant to be a full tier. It's there to supplement your gear progression in case you get poor RNG and aren't able to get Columi pieces, in the same way that Centurion PVP gear is there if you get unlucky with Champion tokens.
I've had the poorest RNG out of everyone I run Hard Modes with. I can only afford the off-hand and the off-hand piece is the only one that has dropped for me, out of a week of doing hard modes.

I also have the worst luck with champion bags out of everyone I PVP with, but I still have received 3 Champion pieces, and have been able to buy 3 Centurion pieces in a week.

This is all just from doing the PVE/PVP daily and an extra hardmode or two as well as the extra Warzones played due to the win bug.