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For those of you who have not used the auction house WOW are you in for a suprise.

Bioware, this really needs a revamp and FAST.

There is no blind search for anything. You have to pick criteria to find what you want or the search menu does not even allow you to type. That alone is annoying.

No way to click on an item and paste the name into the auction house. REALLY? So if I want to check and see if there are more items on the Auction house I have to manually select 1-3 menus with dropdown windows then I have to type in the name. That is bad.

I hate to say it but someone needs to take a look at WOW's AH and fix this issue. This really is close to unusable past your leveling experience. Once you are listing items when you are maxed level the features we have will become majorly annoying.
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