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01.16.2012 , 12:42 PM | #43
PvP gear is infact fine for tanking HM's I'm pretty much fullclad pvp tank set and I'm perfectly fine even Tanked op's

39% dmg resistance
26% def
30% shield (Becomes 45% while dark ward's up...and its up alot)
40% absorb

The main things you'd lose in pvp gear is the lil bit of extra endurance and possibly hit. (i'm on 19.5k hp atm)

Back on topic however, He is clearly bugged I got hit for the first tick at 40k. was livable as a sin tank when you wait 10secs after the force storm thing then pop force shroud, and interupt asap.

(Your Next problem though is if he bugs out and becomes immune to everything :P)