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I could definitely go for a sticky on this!

I've got exactly 6 characters on each side specifically so I can have all of the crafts covered.

Since I'm having so many crafting alts, though, I'm kind of thinking of gaming the system a bit and having characters that are exceptionally good at gathering/mission skills do those exclusively, then feeding the finished bits to those that are exceptionally good at pure crafting.

Actually, I'm totally going to do that now. This guide is awesome!
I was actualy thinking of something along this line with pure gatherers thrown in. I don't want all the crafting skills so I was thinking about picking 3 or 4 crafters and have them do all the missions for rares. For my other alts, I want to go pure node gatherers. Seems to me that I often see nodes clustered, especially Bioanalysis, Archeology, and Scavenging. I think this might save lots of time especially when running quests.

Anyone care to post any recommendations for this scenario?