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01.16.2012 , 12:17 PM | #355
The first image linked is indeed a hood with the hood down but doesn't help anyone as it is a blue and non modifiable. Even if it was it doesn't really help heavy armour wearing Jedi Guardians.
Guardians have an awesome looking armored cape at lvl 40-ish, moddable, while putting on the head what my char has, it fits the armor AND removes the hood while displaying the hair.

It really looks good.

Sentinels are garbaged to the point I just can't believe how it is possible, by having both the huge butt and hood, coming with hideous textures.

Anyway, lvl 50 power rangers samurai is the "top gear" and doesn't have a hood. No moddable gear can equal that gear.

So either you think playstyle and looks are more important than actual stats, either you don't and then you're forced to deal with horrible gear.