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01.16.2012 , 11:18 AM | #5
Whenever I see a thread about Vokk, my first question is always "How the hell did you get to him? IronFist is 102971247 times harder"

Forgetting the IronFist part: A tank with stim, a medpack for emergency, relic clickies, etc, can (almost!) tank Vokk without a healer, even after he enrages. The only thing in the fights that hurt are the purple lightning and the lightsaber throw. The rest is weaker than the trash that leads to the fight.

So assuming a 18 seconds throw, and that no one gets hit by the lightning (there's so much lead time to it, you never should get hit by it), and that everyone but the tank will die except the tank instantly at enrage (not gonna happen, but lets say...), you'll have to help someone recover from damage 5 times in the entire fight with the occasional heal on the tank. Less if they have blue medpacks with them.

Once you look at it that way, its a fairly trivial fight really. Last time I did it, healer messed up and died right off the bat, and we were able to take Vokk down to 15%~ or so, without a healer at all. If you want some perspective, pay for your party's repair bill and ask them to do Vokk without you. 3 people only, and see how far they go. Its rather educational.

Ironfist is another story. Harder than pretty much any other hardmode flashpoint by a factor...that guy really stands out as a "what the hell?"