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Hello my fellow SWTOR gamers!

I did a search and didn't see any other posts that cover Threat meters in SWTOR. I want to get constructive feedback on opinions in regard to a threat meter in tor. Please keep the conversation on topic and be as descriptive and constructive as possible. Provide examples if you can to support your oppinions.

Background on me: Level 50 gunslinger sharpshooter geared in mostly level 50 endgame purples (rakata, world boss stuff, crafted, columi). We have cleared the hutt boss, 5/5 normal mode EV and 4/5 Hardmode EV. Our tank is a geared and experienced Trooper Vanguard.

I notice threat and aggro management is our biggest downfall at the moment and leads to the most wipes. I wait 10 seconds or so for the tank to build threat and then commence dpsing. Very often myself or another dps will pull aggro off of the tank after a minute into the fight. While popping our threat drops on every cooldown. Threat seems to be a big problem in the game at the moment. I have no indication of when I need to back off a little or the tank has no indication on when he is about to lose aggro and needs to pop a quick wipe saving taunt. Enrage timers are a major limiting factor in progressing through content at the moment so it is very difficult to just say that dps needs to back off or wait longer before dpsing etc.

I will give examples to actual threat problems that have led to group wipes or my demise, keep in mind that I may only be listing one example this has occured many many times.

1. Last night on hardmode EV we were fighting Gharj. As you know he has a pretty constricting enrage timer. About 90 seconds after the fight started one of our melee pulled aggro and he swiped the group and followed with a quick pounce wihch led to 6 of our players dieing. We had no indicator that the tank was about to lose aggro and had no way of preventing this wipe short of the tank generating more threat.

2. On Soa (hardmode and reg) I have died many times due to threat. On the first and second phase Soa stays stationary and fires off ranged attacks. The animation on these attacks isn't very obvious as he also has a random target/attack that he does that is hard to differenciate between his aggro attack. The only real indicator I have that tells me I am currently the highest threat target (has aggro) is that my healthbar is dropping faster than normal and many cases I die before both myself and the tank realize this. I have also pulled aggro on phase 2 and the same thing occurs.

This gives you two examples of why I think a threat meter needs to be put in the game asap. A target of target would also help in this. Currently threat is a big challenge for tanks and aggro is very hard to hold for experienced raiding tanks. I can't imagine how players new to tanking feel. Implementing a threat meter would definately mitigate and ultimately solve the guessing game.

What are your thoughts?

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