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So I have played this Black Death quest two ways, first as a Bounty Hunter (who often chose light-side, unless he had no respect for someone) and then as an Imperial Agent who has made his bed, and intends to make the most of being the James Bond of the Empire.

Light Side options are awesome:
, and he is -quaking- in his -boots-.

Dark-side, though, you start off threatening him, and
Suddenly, he is completely contemptuous. At this point, you're left saying to yourself, "Why did I let him live, again? I want to go back and reverse that decision."

And this is my problem with playing Dark Side in general, at least as an IA - It doesn't generally result in fear or awe from the NPCs so much as disgust, irritation, contempt, etc, at least on Hutta.

The bottom line is, that isn't very fun. It makes me feel like the game or game designers are judging me for making the choice to play dark side.

What do you guys n gals think? Is it different beyond Hutta, is it just an IA thing, or am I just reading too much into it?
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