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They need to allow free class customization like SWG, first and foremost.
Sorry to say but this isn't going to happen.

SWG is dead, yes the mourning period could still be there but just let it go...

Droid (Both Republic and Empire though slightly different stories etc)
Start place an Instanced Tatooine (Anchorhead for Republic, Mos Ila for Empire ofc) so only Droid players between 1-10 are there once you go to the fleet you can't get back to Tatooine until you get your ship. I hate to say this but think DK starting area for WoW. Both droids have been put together using Salvaged parts from elite droids used by both the Empire and Republic and both have someone got hold of the Emotion upgrade from Empire Balmorra.

1st You get on Tatooine: Jawa (Make each one for each faction have different personalities)
2nd You get on Dromund Kaas/Coruscant: Duros Slave (not a happy go lucky slave like Vette. More depressed Slave) for Empire. Small Droid like T7 for Republic (without T7's personality but you can grow one for it)
3rd You get with your ship (keep same ones maybe add a line of dialogue when they first meet you about the first time they have had a Droid Master).
4th You get Geonosian (Sp?) for the Empire that is a downright evil Cu*t and is only with you because you butcher his hive. Joins you for some reason lol. Republic gets a Human Soldier who was court marshalled and jailed for excessive uses of force against civilians on Ord Mantell and who wants to make amends so *Insert plot device here* gets put in your care.
5th Love interest! (lol!!) this would be a pretty unique one in that you build it (In the class storyline ofc) and can choose it to be male or female and add the same emotion upgrades you've got or leave them out (Makes Droidmance *Urgh* impossible).
6th Empire get one of the Imperial T7 like droids who is obsessed with the Sith and worships them when you speak to them in conversation. Republic get a Twi'Lek dancer who thinks your cute in your actions for a droid (NO ROMANCE URGH!!!) she follows you because you save her from Gammorrean Crimebosses and thinks your the only thing that will stop her getting found in the future.

Quite a long pointless post for something that is never going to get implemented lol
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