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My guild has been having issues with Soa, and I want to ask the community if we're missing a mechanic.

The first 2 phases are a breeze. We get him to 30% with little to no problem and have always headed into the final phase with the group at full strength, full resources, and full cooldowns. We're ready to go.

But we cant get him to 20% before he enrages. We've tried a few different dps strategies, from having all dps on Mind Prisons to only ranged + the Trooper tank, and hard swapping when his shield goes down. Splitting the dps helped keep the Mind Prisons under better control, but I fear if we went back to our original approach (swapping only when necessary, which, in the final phase, is a lot) we will lose our control of the Mind Prisons.

Are we simply undergeared? When we do get his shield down its not down for very long, most of our dps dont have a lot of time to deal any amount of meaningful damage before its back to Mind Traps or getting tossed around in the air. We're managing to take down about 8% or less before he enrages and its all over. This, after heading into the phase at full strength.

Any suggestions or musings would be helpful, thanks.


Think about this fight, there are some places where you can absolutely do nothing to buy you more time.. IE the jumps down

you need to maximize dps on the top and middle section from the get go.. even have your healers shooting if you see people AOEing or using big attacks before he's vulnerable tell them to stop or be better prepared next time. I would go as far as to say make one healer the backup healer on the first two phases and to only dps and spot heal as necessary STOP WORRYING ABOUT FORCE / HEAT / ENERGY @ TOP AND MIDDLE You can regain them as you go down to the next floor

During the top phase you don't have any mechanics to worry about you should have him down to 75 percent in around 30 seconds of the encounter.. I don't know exact numbers but these are the only two places you can buy time

During middle part.. maximize dps again, only swapping to break out of mind traps (do not stop dps because someone is in the air) they can always be rezzed at the bottom before the boss spawns.

Again these are the only two places you can make up the extra time as the jumps down are set in stone

When you're at the bottom break mind traps.. (IGNORE MIND TRAPS IF BOSS IS VULNERABLE) mind traps have 25k hp in normal they shouldn't live more then a few seconds. (made sure your tank is taking him and keeping him under the floating pyramid thing)

you just need one tank for the fight and two healers max in 8 man..

even you do the first two parts quick enough @ the bottom you should be able to make him vulnerable 5 times before he enrages.

force your group to assist assign 2 people 1 as a main assist and a backup incase that person is locked down in wind or mind traps

to assist that person you just have to hit alt - t at least until macros or a better option is implemented.
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