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I won't go into the other commenter claiming easy content, most likely 8 man, but thank you very much for the video, we'll be doing our first 16 man pulls on it Monday and were considering more tanks for the lightning balls, glad to see that it wasn't that crazy of an idea. GL to you in your NM Soa progression!
No 8 man, 16 man. If an encounter didn't take more than 50 attempts (and I am being generous here) then I don't consider it hard. 16 man HM SOA took us around 28 attempts, give or take. NM took a lot less for first 4 bosses.

Now take note, I am comparing it to WoW, why? Cause there were many encounters that took hundreds of attempts, especially in the Sunwell days. But as I said before, I am enjoying the casual direction Bioware is taking the game, didn't expect anything more and is what I was looking coming from a hardcore guild (Premonition).

Also, I am not saying raids should be similar to WoW's, cause for starters, it's not very similar. I respect Bioware for the mechanics they tried to use in the current ops, but they are very simplistic; unique, but a very fast learning curve to them. If people know how to play their class, and have very basic awareness skills (tunnel visioning is bad!!), then you are bound to do well.

There is a reason a lot of guilds have already cleared 5/5 HM and 4/5 NM in the first 3 weeks of the game. Not to mention, gear drops like candy, gearing up is very fast.