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I've been doing 2 Hard Modes a day for a little over a week and I can't afford anything but the off-hand.

The rate is so slow by the time you can afford a 30Com/62Crys piece you will most likely have seen a Columi token drop (aside from Helm) and the weapons cost so much you will likely be in Rakata gear before you can afford one.

All the Hard Modes I've done save for Black Talon have taken me upwards of 75 minutes average due to bonus trash or just buggy bosses. As a pretty casual player I can only do Black Talon and one MAYBE two more a day on the weekend, during the work week I see myself only doing Black Talon + 1.

Compared to PVP this rate is excruciatingly slow. I get enough Centurion Tokens in ~3 days to buy any piece but the weapon simply from doing the Illum daily and the WZ daily (usually get 1-2 bags from Commendations finishing these due to the bug that causes a win not to count). If I happen to complete the weekly on the first day, that's 1 day to get a 126 rating PVP piece.

Has there been any word on if they plan to increase the amount of commendations/crystals you get? or even lower the cost of the pieces? Just seems like the Tionese gear is wasted gear since it takes so long to get vs Columi gear that has tokens drop in the same Flash Points.