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So I tried (and failed) to do HM Esseles final boss on my Combat Medic.

There were two main problems we encountered:

1.) People dying to lightning, even when they were way far out of the purple circle. I think this is primarily a lag issue, I had one particularly silly time when it hit me even though I was running when it was cast and simply kept running. I have also heard that the server lags in updating your location until you stop moving, which may also explain this. Here's an SS, my body is in the center of the screen, obscured by the rez prompt. The purple circle in the pic is the one that killed me.

2.) People getting two-shotted with a double saber throw. I can't shield and Bacta Infusion won't necessarily be up for every saber toss (it's listed as a 12s cooldown on Torhead), Bacta is 21s. Nor can I guarantee that, if Bacta is up, I won't be GCD locked the moment a Saber Toss happens, because there's no warning.

I decided to further explore this second issue with some napkin math.

Some things I'm going to assume:
1.) Non tanks will have less than 13k HP going into the fight. This seems reasonable given the gear in the instance, assuming you aren't going in overgeared or with PvP gear.
2.) This is low enough to be two shotted by two sabers to the face back-to-back without any sort of -damage buff or shield.
3.) He uses Saber Toss, on average, every 20s. Source: . He uses it at first at 18s, and it hits the same target twice, and again at 38s. He survives due to Force Armor.
4.) His enrage timer is roughly 90s, same video as the source.

So, how often will the same target get hit twice?

Well, that part is quite simple. The chance of him hitting any party member twice in a row is 6.25% (1/4 * 1/4). That may seem reasonable, but we have to consider the fact that he will throw more than once, in fact he will throw about 4 times before enrage.

The chance of not double throwing on any given encounter is the inverse, 93.75%, or .9375 to the fourth power. It comes out to be 77%. So there's a roughly 23% chance, which is over 1 in 5, that he'll double saber toss someone in any given pull. But don't fret, 25% of the time, it'll be your tank getting double tossed. Given the bosses generally low damage to the tank, this usually isn't a problem. All said and done, the chance of him double saber tossing a non-tank on any fight is ~17.25%.

I find this to be rather poorly designed. Force Armor (and its mirror) is inappropriately powerful against this scenario. You can't be GCD'd out of it because you can pre-cast it on the DPS/yourself, and the Force Imbalance is less than the average time between throws.

I also just feel like a ~17.25% chance of someone being essentially instagibbed in a 4-man fight is kind of cheese. In a 16 man, this wouldn't be an issue. I'd be much, much rarer; and 1 death out of 16 isn't nearly as big as 1 out of 4.