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I'm Gestahlt and for the past few years, I've been writing fan-fiction specifically dedicated to SWTOR. Memoirs of a Mandalorian was my largest project and leads into a very long story arc about Siana Daue, so if you like those kind of things then welcome aboard and if not, see you in a different thread.

For first time readers, I'll say this much: I learned about Mandalorians by writing through the eyes of one. You won't find this to be a Karen Traviss carbon copy, but you also won't find it to be without homage paid to a woman that, though controversial, did add elements to a previously empty archetype. Love her or hate her, she did that much.

For return readers, the remastered version is me trimming the fat or making certain parts shiny. You won't run into a "Koga shot first" moment, but I do intend to tweak and adjust certain scenes to better fit the vision I had at the end (since you know how it ends, anyway). Skim or read, up to you, but the experience should be a little different.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. I will probably do an update 1-2 times a day, simply because I have everything pre-written and I don't want to flood people that haven't read yet. Questions, comments, critiques - please, leave them.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Part I -
01: Smile.
02: True Mandalorians.
03: Lineage.
04. Ambition.
05. Perseverance.
06. Blood and Honor.
07. End of an Era.
08. Verd'goten.

Part II -
09: War.
10: Stories.
11: Half Truths.
12: Bitter Medicine.
13: Half Kill.
14. The Ring.
15. Second Chance.
16. Taking Point.
17. The Struggle.
18. The Siege.