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I'm not sure what game your playing, but its not this one.

I have yet to see a synthweave item of blue quality even come close to what my roommate gets from her moddable orange armor. She hasn't had to replace a piece of armor in 30 some levels. She just makes new mods and BAMN, totally up to date armor.

And don't even get me started on needing to make 10-15 of an item before I get a single one to RE so I can get a blue schematic. I'm on my 13th pair of Force Adept Boots, still no RE.

Oh, and just to make things even that much happier, those Force Adept Boots I'm trying to RE (and have failed 13 times so far), take a material that can only come from crew missions, even though its a green item. Talk about *EPIC FAIL*.

Sorry, but your the odd data point. In terms of helping a player level, cybernetics beats synthweaving hands down, no contest.

Bioware should just ditch synthweaving, or at least put a "This skill sucks donkey deeks" disclaimer in the codex so others don't make the same mistake I and others have.

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First of all you're getting way to worked up over it. If you dont make a blue by the time youve RE'd about 5-7 then you just quit and move along. If you're doing this 15 times and no success you're doing it wrong. Noone is convincing you to like it because you've already made up your mind its garbage. My point is you are judging it based on your results and i judge it based on mine.