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Yes but what's the point of strength when the beam can slice through ANYTHING? The only time it would be beneficial would be against another light saber... But at that point because of the beam, the force and agility, it's more about finesse anyway.

Though malgus does swing viciously against kao cen in the Return trailer.

Ah well, fun discussion...

And to the guy that makes his own sabers.... Umm... Wow. Detailed reply at least!
A lightsaber can cut through anything, but there are stronger materials (and lightsaber resistant materials).

Something like a simple battle droid (or human flesh and bone) requires no strength. But cutting through a durasteel plated door requires str behind the cut. I believe the explanation is that the force field or whatever that contains the energy blade, has to restrict how much passes through, or the energy would spill out everywhere.

Or something to that effect.
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