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01.15.2012 , 09:51 PM | #9
I am really not having a good experience with it so far. I make gear, sell it and STILL I'm always out of credit. Maybe there is a trick t RE but I havent figured it out. I'd rather NOT have to spend hours and hours figuring stuff out on the forums just to be viable with my crew skills when other skills are easy cash and a lot less confusion. I am losing a lot of money sending my guys on mission after mission and i never seem to make up enough by selling what I make...

and more often that not, I am always missing just ONE ingredient to build stuff.

and don't even get my started on some of the "mysteries" of how many of each armor piece i need to make to advance to the next "tier" I WISH that BW would just TELL me what I need to do for that verses making me search and search on the forums to know how to use a skill in just the right way to be able to make money