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As I have already canceled my subscription to this game mostly because of PvP... I cant help but to think of how good SWG was and how great it could of been, yeah I know SWG was the biggest "could of been" MMO ever.. lol

As a PvP player Im just disgusted with this game and cant help but to remember how great PvP was in SWG when it was first around, yeah after a while alpha jedis being unlocked left and right ruined it but before that there was the war effort, everyone crafting and gathering for better player made gear, buffs , stims, foods, drinks.. then you would have a player city usally filled and ran by an imp or reb guild who whould place a base just daring the other faction to do something about it lol. And that game was very social, never do I talk to other players in MMO's like I did in good ole SWG. I will miss that game and hate SOE for somehow turning what should of been gold into bantha poo....

As far as this game, its just a big theme park per class and once its done,, the game is kinda done... :-/

The best memories of any game for me were back in 2004 getting multiple full groups buffed up and going base busting. Back when guilds defended these, and not just 20 people.....100+ each side. So much lag, but for some reason I still had a blast.