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The actual blade of a lightsaber is completely weightless, as according to lore, so lets get that out of the way first. Id like to say that Im an avid collector of lightsaber hilts in real life and every hilt I own has a distinctive weight to it. Whether this is to offset the weight and length of the saber's dueling blade I am unsure, but every saber is different. Ive created one myself and Ive noticed mine was considerably lighter than the ones I bought, as per my personal preference. Im able to fight faster and better with it because it reflects my preference in combat style.

I find that in-universe this works very much the same way, whereas Darth Bane used a heavy lightsaber simply because he was a large man and he needed the extra grip, and as with Assaj Ventress Id imagine her lightsabers are very light because she is, quite frankly, fairly weak, yet very fast. Every lightsaber reflects it's user in more than just style, it shows in its versatility and in the way it was meant to be used.
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