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The title says it all.

If you don't read anymore of this post, please please please avoid the mistake I made and get cybernetics or biochemistry if your looking for crew skills that will help you with leveling.

I play a Consular sage and I saw synthweaving and read the description in my codex and thought, 'wow, this will help me get gear for leveling'.

Wow was I ever *WRONG*

And I don't mean just the normal kind of, 'oops this is wrong'. I mean 'OUCH THIS STINKS!' kind of wrong.

The patterns that I learn from the trainer never produce any more than 1 or 2 items at most, that is helpful for my level, my crew mates pretty much almost never find patterns when they go looking for materials.

By comparison, my roommate went with cybernetics and she is having a blast! After each planet, she makes up a batch of mods for her nearly full suit of moddable armor, and her companions are similarly well geared.

And now I have to beg her for mods for my armor and the whole time I'm just shaking my head at why synthweaving which is advertised as making armor for Jedi's, isn't particularly useful for making armor for jedis. Frankly, it just flat out STINKS STINK STINK STINKS.

I'm posting this so no one makes my mistake.

Take synthweaving if your into roleplaying or you just want to be different or you think it looks interesting. But do *NOT* expect it to be helpful for leveling.

Take cybernetics if you want something that will actually help you in a meaningful way while you are leveling.

- P