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Hola Peeps,

Still chillin, waitin for the invite, but I only pre-ordered in October so I understand I have to wait my turn......unlike some people.

The real question here is for someone who ordered the deluxe edition and is playing, or a developer who just happens to check out these threads.

In purchasing the deluxe edition, I am to receive some awesome vanity items (ie. the star wars version of a vanity item and my very own stripper.) When playing the beta, I did not have any of those items. All I had was my color stone item enhancer thingamajig.
So the question is, will I have those items when I am able to play the real thing, or has some bug occured.

Spanks for noticin

Oh and if you would like to troll this thread....hopefully you do it with a ton of space balls references...thanks