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I would really like to use Akaavi, simply because she seems like a "jack of all trades" type companion. Good AoE DPS, decent ST DPS, and the ability to take a few more hits as a result of her heavy armor. Unfortunately the weapon part is really turning me off to her character. Considering how ridiculously easy it is to gear up Risha, I don't wanna make it all the way to 50 and regret decking out the wrong companion simply because the weapon she's forced to use is subpar.
Akaavi is my favorite and since I am Darkside and she is Darkside is makes us a perfect match but the fact I can't get a new weapon for her is making me consider pulling out Risha again.

I don't know why BioWare would forget to add in Techstaff and Techblade weapons but they did and now we can't use one of our companions as a result of it.

People have said that you can get a "blue" weapon from a quest line in Belsavis but it is "blue" while all the other companions have options for multiple "orange" weapons that are moddable.
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