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Where's this? I'm pretty sure Arik is listed as +2 crit diplomacy, and there are no treasure hunting bonuses whatsoever.

Thanks, by the way!
e. Republic Side Summary

Best at crew skill combos:

Artifice: Jedi Consular (6)
Synthweaving: Jedi Knight & Jedi Consular (6)
Armstech: Trooper (7)
Armormech: Trooper (7)
Biochem: Trooper (6)
Cybertech: Jedi Consular & Trooper (6)
Profit: Trooper (7)

Best at Crew Skills:

Artifice: Jedi Knight (+10 eff) (only option)
Synthweaving: Jedi Knight (+5 crit)
Armstech: Smuggler (+5 crit)
Armormech: Trooper (+5 crit)
Cybertech: Jedi Consular (+10 eff) and Smuggler (+10 eff)
Biochem: Jedi Knight (+5 crit)
Archeology: Jedi Consular (+15 eff)
Scavenging: Trooper (+5 crit)
Bioanalysis: Jedi Knight (+10 eff), Trooper (+10 eff), & Smuggler (+2 crit)
Slicing: Jedi Knight (+2 crit), Jedi Consular (+10 eff), & Trooper (+10 eff)
Treasure Hunting: Trooper (+2 crit)
Underworld Trading: Jedi Knight (+5 eff), Jedi Consular (+1 crit), Trooper (+1 crit), & Smuggler (+5 eff)
Investigation: Trooper (+10 eff)
Diplomacy: Smuggler (+15 eff)
Under e. Republic Side Summary it list the trooper for treasure hunting.As you noticed yourself non of the Trooper companions have any bonus at all for treasure hunting.
Thought you mixed it up with Aric Jorgan +2 crit diplomacy. Which I suggest you should add to the side summary.
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