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Fair point. I just think the system needs to be changed so that it's easier and more accessible for everyone to use.
accessible yes, that could be better, being able to type "/who search details" in your chat log would be nice. Easier idk it's almost like using google as is. Ex. if i want a tank lfg lvl 20-25 you can do "assa jugg powe 20-25 lfg" and see all assassins juggernauts and powertechs lvls 20-25 lfg and that can be in pretty much any combination. This is why i suggested a sticky, use what's there just make it more /commandable, no big overhaul or much work needed to be put in.

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Yeah global server LFG is needed... but problem is the spam might be overwhelming the restriction to post once per 15 sec is needed then or XY seconds.
there is a server wide lfg with the /who system by clearing and typing "lfg" in the search terms box. ppl just need to use it