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The thing is, I can easily communicate in English, but spamming general chat isn't a comfortable way to make groups. That also leaves us with the problem of people sitting in fleet using general chat there to find people for flashpoints, but the people for the flashpoints are on the planets leveling.

I do look for LFG flagged people, but there aren't that many of them.

Even a server-wide LFG channel you could turn off and on as you please would improve the situation.

I still support a LFG tool though as long as it's not cross-server.
Yeah global server LFG is needed... but problem is the spam might be overwhelming the restriction to post once per 15 sec is needed then or XY seconds.

Else there wil lbe idiots spamming 5 times in a row ...

If i report on my republic fleet atm

LF healer and dps for Colicoid wargames
LF 2 more for Athiss
LF 1 healer for Hammer station
LFM for Esseles x2
LF a tank Taral V
LFG for Maelstrom prison x2
LFG for any HM lvl 50 dps jedi sentinel

and more