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Updated for patch 1.2

Hey everyone, I have compiled a list of the exact loot drops from each hardmode flashpoint for the Empire side (if anyone wants to provide a list for the Republic specific ones that would be awesome!) Hope someone find this useful!

Energized = Tionese quality without the set bonus.

Bonus – Bonus bosses, unlocked by doing the bonus inside with flashpoint with different stages, bonus boss usually unlocked by stage 4 or 5.

All bosses, including the minibosses (not listed here) will drop Tionese crystals.

Color coded chart:

There is a better formatted version here::

NEWLost Island

LR-5 Sentinel Droid: Columi boots
Project Sav-Rak: Columi Legs
Transgenic Sample Eleven: Relic (i.e. Relic of Vital Rupturing)
Doctor Lorrick: Columi Mainhand, Rakata Chest

Black Talon

Sergeant Boran/GXR-5 Sabotage Droid: Tionese Waist (belt)
Commander Ghulil: Energized pants
Bonus: GXR-7 Command Droid: Tionese ears
Yadira Ban: Columi bracers

The Esseles

Ironfist: Tionese Waist (belt)
ISS-7 Guardian Battledroid Energized pants
Bonus: ISS-944 Power Droid: Tionese ears
Vokk: Columi bracers

False Emperor

Jindo Krey: Tionese gloves
HK-47: Tionese Mainhand
Bonus: Sith Entity: Tionese implants
Darth Malgus: Columi Chest

Directive 7

Interrogator: Tionese wrists (bracers)
Bulwark: Energized chest
Bonus: Replicator: Relic
Mentor: Columi pants


Velasu Graege & Drinda-Zel: Tionese wrists (bracers)
Krel Thak: Energized head
Bonus: Guid Patriach: Tionese ear
Darth Serevin: Columi Offhand

Boarding Party

HXI-54 Juggernaut: Relic
Sakan Do’nair: Energized Boots
Bonus: Chief Engineer Kels: Tionese Implant
Commander Jorland & Goonies: Columi gloves

The Foundry

Foundry Guardian: Energized Gloves
HK-47: Tionese Offhand
Bonus: Burrower Matriarch: Tionese belt
Revan: Columi boots

Taral V

Captain Shivanek: Relic
PD-44: Energized Boots
Bonus: Lord Hasper: Tionese Implant
General Edikar: Columi gloves

Maelstrom Prison

Colonel Daksh: Energized Gloves
Lord Vanithrast: Tionese Offhand
Bonus: Ancient Maelstrom Flayer: Tionese belt
Grand Moff Kilran: Columi boots

Kaon Under Siege

Defend vs Zombies encounter: Xenotech Gloves
Rakghoul Behemoth: Tionese grade mainhand with Q56 color crystal
Bonus: KR-82 Expulser: Xenotech belt
Commander Lk’Graagth: Columi head